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Family Support and Resources, Inc


Family Support and Resources, Inc. ("FSR") is a Brooklyn-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been dedicated to outreach and assisting the individuals, preserving the quality and happiness of families in Brooklyn and other boroughs in New York since 1990.

FSR offers programs and referral services to individuals and families on domestic violence prevention, parenting, pre-natal and post-natal education, stress management, job skill training, and youth activities.

Family Support and Resources focuses on quality of life and family empowerment; we promote and provide ongoing support and interventions.  Our "one-stop" comprehensive service and family assistance program provides a series of educational and prevention workshops, vocational training, job skills, job search, and job readiness for individuals and families.

Our services include referrals to counseling, healthcare, and housing; and social services to individuals, parents, and women of childbearing age, who may be in stressful situations due to problems of health, job, housing, or family problems.

In addition to our educational, prevention, and referral services, we provide mentoring, tutoring, safe-havens, and recreation to youth and children (5 - 15 years old). Vocational training, job skills, and internship to young adults (16 - 25 years old) and adults over 25 years.

We host an FSR Annual Peace Fest that fosters unity, respect, and cultural awareness in communities. Family Support and Resources  has been awarded Proclamations by the Office of President, Borough of Brooklyn, and Office of the Mayor, the City of New York; for our dedication to those who are in needs
; and for fostering, promoting,  and advocating for non-violence, peace, love, unity, hope, faith, virtue, respect, patience, dignity, and compassion; and quality of lives in Homes, Communities, Nation, and around the World.

Organization History

Family Support and Resources was founded in 1990 by Lady Victoria  O. F. Amoo, President/CEO, with the vision to reinforce and develop the strength of families; spiritual support during stressful situations; advocate and promotes peace, unity, love, hope, faith, virtue, compassion, respect, dignity and quality of lives in Homes and World Communities.

FSR provides assistance to individuals, needy families, families with children, or expecting children. We promote and encourages individual responsibility and family independence. We also promote the prevention of domestic violence, anger management, tolerance, compassion and peace in homes, communities, and around the World.

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Mailing Address:

Family Support and Resources, Inc.

149 North Portland Avenue

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11205


Phone: 1-718-522-6868


E-mail: info@





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Family Support and Resources, Inc.


Community Center

177 Myrtle Avenue

Between: Fleat Walk/Place and Prince Street/Flatbush Avenue Ext. Downtown,

Brooklyn, 11201


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12:00 p.m.  -  2:00 p.m.


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